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Mesin Starch separator  / Saito Separator SSC Series
Mesin Starch separator  / Saito Separator SSC Series
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Jual Mesin Starch separator  / Saito Separator SSC Series

What is a separator?

In food and chemical industries, there are many processes where centrifugal sedimentation technologies are used. In addition, there are many kinds of materials treated with these technologies. This means users are obliged to have difficulty in selecting the optimum separator model. Because I am unqualified to describe all existing centrifugal separators, let me give a description of centrifugal separators placing emphasis on their basic principles to provide users with an easy way to select the target model.

Saito Starch Separator (SSC Series)

Nozzle type for washing and concentration of Corn, Potato, Tapioca and Root-Starches. With severe selection of good-quality stainless materials and long history of experience for manufacture, "Saito Separator LTD" are enjoying users confidance on performance and durabilities of our Separators and are now fully proceeding to develop large of centrifugal separators.


*Potato and root starchs, *Wheat starch, *Corn (maize) starch, *Rice starch and many more.

Specification/ Model/ Type:

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